Pastor Eric Plemel

Eric loves the Word of God and enjoys sharing it with others. Having been saved as a child, and having grown to value walking in the light of God’s Word, he now seeks to help others see the simplicity of knowing the Lord. Eric was trained for ministry through the Grace Institute of Biblical Studies (a ministry of the Duluth Bible Church), having graduated with a Master’s Degree in Applied Biblical Studies in 2020. He is always seeking to learn more through the study of scripture, language, and reading good books. Eric has been part of the family of Grace Gospel Bible Church since his teenage years, and he stepped into his current role as the lead pastor-teacher in January 2024. Together with his wife Erin, he is happily raising their three children.

Photo of Eric Plemel

Pastor Dave Knutsen

Pastor Dave trusted Christ as his personal Savior through the faithful witness of a friend at the age of 30 in the fall of 1977. Dave, and his wife Kathy, began attending a Bible study that soon became the Duluth Bible Church (DBC). As DBC grew numerically, the saints grew in grace and in the knowledge of God’s word. Opportunities to witness of God’s amazing grace, teach Sunday School, and to teach from the DBC pulpit, indicated the need for more in-depth training in God’s word. Pastor Dennis Rokser of DBC soon began the Grace Institute of Biblical Studies (GIBS), and ten men began a 5 year program of intensive study in the early 1990s to develop further should the Lord open doors of opportunity for future ministry in the Word. Before moving to the Minneapolis area, Dave served as a deacon and elder at DBC.  After completing his GIBS training, he accepted the invitation of growing outreach ministry in the Twin Cities which was looking for a pastor; and so, Dave moved his family from Duluth and became the pastor of the newly established Grace Gospel Bible Church. After twenty-four years of faithful ministry here, he has begun to retire; although, Dave still loves to serve the Lord and is still involved as a teacher and evangelist. Dave and his wife Kathy have four grown children and nine grandchildren.

Photo of Dave Knutsen